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We convert trucks powered by LNG into CNG and bioCNG

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You have the option of refueling in Germany with cheaper bioCNG.



We install safe CNG installations according to applicable BAG standards. Thanks to our CNG installation, your vehicles  to the end of 2023 can receive a total Toll Collect free of charge in Germany (toll, German Maut) and significantly reduce transport costs. Savings and at the same time profits from the entire fleet will be disproportionately large for you. In addition, for customers who already have CNG installations in their vehicles, we offer the possibility of adapting the existing installation and enabling automatic Toll Collect countdown in Germany. (more on the Toll Collect page)

CNG systems installed by us are safe for the engine and therefore do not affect its faster wear. The quality of assembly services is strictly controlled by us and each CNG installation is, of course, covered by insurance.

We assemble CNG installations, among others in DAF, Scania, MAN, Renault, Volvo, Mercedes, Iveco and other trucks.

Everyday use of the installations we install is maintenance-free. In addition, the efficiency of the engine is increased due to the improved torque. With the use of a double power supply system (reduction of diesel consumption to 60%), we increase engine life by lowering the pressure in the supply system, which has an impact on lower load and extends the life of the high pressure pump and ON injectors. Due to the extra injection of CNG into the engine compartment, the ON mixture is completely burned, which results in less contamination of the engine oil and less soot.

In accordance with the law of the German Bundestag - Drucksache 19/5102

until December 31, 2023, vehicles equipped with CNG systems on German roads are completely exempt from Toll Collect tolls. According to the content of the act, vehicles with CNG or LNG propulsion, as well as bi-fuel diesel and natural gas vehicles are exempt from fees. (Source: BAG, Toll Collect) By installing a CNG system with us, you save on road tolls in Germany and on fuel costs, thanks to the reduction of diesel fuel consumption, replacing 50% with natural gas.

NOTE: the share of CNG must be greater than that of diesel, and the total number of CNG tanks must be at least 300ltr.

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