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Below we present and show how the costs incurred for the installation of the CNG installation will pay off within less than two months.

Examples of profitability studies including savings related to exemption from Toll Collect fees in Germany.

Assuming the CNG price is PLN 3 and diesel fuel at PLN 5 and the Euro exchange rate is PLN 4.5

The Volvo FH16 car, average fuel consumption is 31 liters, i.e. 155 PLN.

With the CNG installation, the car uses 12 CNG / 36 PLN and about 20l ON / 100 PLN, which gives the sum of 136 PLN.

With a monthly mileage of 12,000 km, fuel savings are PLN 14 per 100 km. This amounts to PLN 1,680.

Exemption from Toll Collect in Germany PLN 0.85 per kilometer, which is PLN 10,200.

In total, we can save PLN 11,880 per month on one car!

Profitability study for a vehicle with a tonnage of more than 18 tons, 3 axles, Euro 6 standard, monthly mileage 10,000 km, fuel consumption 30 l diesel / 100 km: € 1,730 (Toll Collect) + € 600 (fuel) = € 2,330 / month / vehicle

To sum up

In the case of fuel savings alone, we can expect savings of 10%. On average in Germany, we can get 4-5 euros in fuel savings per 100 km + savings from not paying Toll Collect.

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